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View Point Village
View Point Village is a housing estate 800 meters from Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Thailand. The main city center and the world famous 'Walking Street' of Pattaya are just 15 minutes by public transport or car. The Housing estate has 2 entrances, the main Gate on Soi Chaiyapruck (leading to the beach) as well as a direct entrance towards Sukhumvit Highway.

First houses were built around 2001-2003, with additional houses built in 2 stages (2005/2006) Now it exist of around 120 houses, all initially sold.

We have no direct relationship with the initial developers. However the housing estate has a owner committee with we have intensive contact. For owners the current 'communal fees' for trash pickup, lighting, security guards, is just 10 baht per wah. !

  Exit/ Entrance Sukhumvit Highway
Playground & Exercise Area
Village Layout
Graphical layout of the compound: A-4 size layout here
Additional street impressions; click thumbs to see larger images.
Interesting Points


There are 3 larges superstores within a range of 2KM;  we have Macro (1 KM), Tesco Lotus (1.5 KM), Big C (2KM) all located on Sukhumvit Highway.

Hardware Stores:

There are also 4 large hardware stores within the same range of 2 KM; Kanyong (500 meters), HomeWorks (2 KM) True Value (2 KM)  & HomeMart (2KM)

Local Supermarkets:

On Soi Chayapruck leading to the beach we have within 300 meters a local 7-11 & and a Family mart, both are open 24hours a day. Moreover in front of the village are 2 small grocery stores with food and beer.


On Soi Chaiyapruck are numerous restaurants, but most are located near the beach area.

Restaurants include Italian (Mimosa) 300 meters and numerous other small places.


Many bars with pool tables are in the street like; Tequila Sunrise Bar

Motorbike Rentals:

Motorbike (around 250 baht) and car rentals (around 1200 Baht) are also available within 100 meters from the village and even in the compound.

Massage & Beauty Salons:

Within walking range are numerous massage places for relaxation or a beautification.

Attractions nearby

Lakeland Water Cable Ski (500 meters from the estate)
Tel ++ 66 (0) 3823 2690-2

Located just in the opposite of our Village on Sukhumvit Highway, Kilometer 150.5,  This cable has a variety of local and international riders hanging out.  Busy on weekend with locals with tourists visiting daily.  Restaurant onsite. You can only go for a nice walk and to look how lovers play with all sort of boards

Open daily from 10 a.m.- 9 p.m. Restaurant service available

Admission: 300 Baht for 2 hours and 500 baht per day include the free use of all types of boards and ski's

Floating Village (1 Km from the estate)

Pattaya Floating Market is located 2 km from our Village on the Sukhunvit Road in the direction of Rayong
(Not Bangkok!) Alternatively get a light blue or white baht bus on the Sukhumvit and pay 10 baht per person. If driving you can park at the front of the markets or at the rear. They made a lot of new attractions on the backside.

Pattaya Floating Market has been developed on the site of the Lake View Restaurant and it claims to the largest floating market in the Eastern Region. It covers an area of 100,000sqm.

The aim of the market is to capture the old way of Thai life. The constructions are made of teak. Items and food are available from the four regions of Thailand. The area is divided into four areas reflecting the represent four region of Thailand, namely North, Central, North Eastern and Southern. Many of the shops sell art and craft items.

Other than shopping and eating there are other activities. Boats are available for rent to get a slightly different view of the development. Don't forget to feed the baby elefant and for the kids it's a must to give some babt goats milk as if it were babies :)

The use of the words 'floating market' is a bitt taken out of his goal. Yes, there are boats from which you can buy food. However, most of the shopping is found on platforms constructed over the lake. But iI think it's a must to go there to taste the Thai Culture and to try drinks and tasty nibbits made on the "Upcountry Way"

Underwater World (800 meters form the estate)

The Underwater World Pattaya is in reality in JomTien only 1,5 km far away from our Village in the middle from the shopping Centres MAKRO and Tesco/LOTUS and is the trendiest ocean aquarium in Asia. It is in an enclosed area as a big tunnel that gives you the feeling be in the depths of seas. Actually it is a pedestrian tunnel that has been made using acrylic that is 100 meters long and 6.4 centimeters thick.

The whole area of the Underwater World Pattaya is 12 Rais. It is placed in a structure that can be said to be similar to big circus tents. There are around 2,500 marine animals  − a number that is made up of over 200 different species from Thailand itself. There are various other rare creatures that have been brought in from different locations of the globe. The visitors should see the shovelnose ray that is a hybrid of a shark and a stingray.

Some of the various species of marine life that you would be seeing at the Underwater World Pattaya are as follows: Otters, Reef Fishes, Rays, Sharks, Eagle rays, Moray eels and many many other

Opening Hours : 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily (last admission 5.30 p.m.)
This fantastic marine structure is interesting indeed. It also has a lovely souvenir shop and when it gives you a good Thai feeling you can after that go to LOTUS to enjoy a nice and cheap Thai meal in their food Court
or go the other way to the MAKRO to enjoy one of the varied fantastic coffees with a choise of many fresh
sweets out of their bakery next to the Coffee Shop.

The Village Pattaya (200 meters from the estate)

shopping mall / business Center concept in a large garden; beauty salons, and restaurants with some other shops.


Other attractions nearby:

- Botanical Gardens

- Dinosaur Park

- Million Year Stone Park

- Mini Siam

Some Local Maps
For a detaild nightlife map of pattaya and a bar hopping guide go here:
  Jomtien Beach Map Pattaya Map
Satellite Images from Google Earth

Click images to enlarge in Full Screen.

Note: Photo taken around early 2005, some parts of village are now extended.

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